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Important Note

Important note

Please note that Alles Autos Credit Pte Ltd do not engage any third party marketing or advertisements the following channels with effect from 1 November 2011. We do not endorse and are not responsible for the content or practices of the content you obtained from the use of such information.

  1. Brochures and flyers;

  2. Banners placed at locations other than within or on the exterior of our

  3. approved place of business;

  4. Door-to-door marketing;

  5. Street marketing

  6. Marketing at events, conferences, etc.

  7. Telephone marketing;

  8. Television advertisements; Advertisements in newspapers, magazines and all other publications in print or online media;

  9. Advertisements via Short Message Service (SMS);

  10. Advertisements via emails;

  11. Internet banner and pop-up advertisements. (Excluding Business and consumer directories in print or online media)


If you happen to receive any of the above information, please report them to us at or

call 6533 0300

Borrow only what you really need, nothing more

Taking on a loan is a heavy responsibility. Do not borrow for unnecessary reasons.

Borrow because you need to and have carefully considered your reasons for doing so.
Before using your credit card, taking a loan to buy a car or buying a durable item on credit, ask yourself the following


  • Do you really need it? Or is it something that you merely want?

  • Must you have it today?

  • What will happen if you do not buy it today?

  • How are you able to manage with it?

  • If you have decided that it is something important and you really need it, asses if you need to borrow or take out a loan to purchase it. You will be better off saving for it and pay in full cash to save on the interest charges if you take out a loan.

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